Patriot Saddle

Sizes – Stocked in 17.5” but can be made 17” or 18”

Current Price for buffalo leather - £2200

Current Price for plain or suede leather POA

Current Price for French calf leather POA

This wool flocked Monoflap jumping saddle is exclusive to Stirlingshire Saddle Fitters.

Alene Telfer and Louise Smith - Kibaris designed it in conjunction with Ideal Saddle Makers who manufacture our Stirlingshire saddles.   They are an alternative to the traditional close contact saddle which is either felt or foam flocked and doesn’t offer very much support for the typical thoroughbred/event horse conformation.

This saddle is specifically designed for cross-country riding and jumping.

The most important features are the wool flocking which makes for easy adjustments, the deep panels that allow more support for high hollow withers, the ultra light weight and the single flap that lets the rider feel their horse underneath them.

Do not despair if you have a broader horse as the saddle can be made with a shallower panel to fit most types.

There is also the choice of a double flap if you prefer a more traditional look – the same tree is used.   

The saddle is stocked in black or brown buffalo leather which is the most popular, but it is also available in French Calf leather, Plain leather or Suede.     Can be custom made to template.

* Please note that USA prices for saddles are not a direct conversion from the U.K prices advertised here, due to many factors including: variation of models, shipping charges, import taxation, and the requirement for higher cost leather to be used in their construction, in order to endure relativey higher heat and humidities.


* exclusive to Stirlingshire Saddle Fitters

Saddles Supplied by Ideal Saddles -


The Patriot