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Many of the saddles we sell carry our own label and have been developed over the years for different disciplines, these saddles are made for us in Walsall by the Ideal Saddle Company but we also stock Albion and Fairfax (Formerly Thorowgood) saddles.

Our close working relationship with our manufacturers enables us to continually update and refine our designs to cater for the changing requirements of our customers and enables us to offer custom made saddles if necessary.


* Although we mostly only stock and work with the models shown on this website, we are able to order and fit any Ideal, Albion, Kent & Masters, or Thorowgood saddles. Just ask us and we can order it for you.

* We also carry a large selection of 2nd hand saddles we buy or sell on behalf of customers - ranging from 15" to 18", in different styles and widths. We are happy to come to you and fit these as well as new saddles.

* Please note that USA prices for saddles are not a direct conversion from the U.K prices advertised here, due to many factors including: variation of models, shipping charges, import taxation, and the requirement for higher cost leather to be used in their construction, in order to endure relativey higher heat and humidities.