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The Fairfax Bridle

We are delighted to have been selected as one of the few stockists for the new Fairfax Bridle. Ranging from £400-£600 depending on options, as a result of the interest we have had from customers in this excellent product, we are offering a bridle fitting service, to allow people to 'try before they buy'.

This revolutionary bridle design is based on two years of scientific testing to establish exactly where the pressure peaks are under a bridle and how they affect the horse in motion. Using two bespoke pressure mats, the SMS/BEF Pliance system was used by Mark Fisher to analyse the pressure under different designs of headpiece and noseband. This data was then used to design a bridle that significantly reduces pressure in the six key zones where peak pressures were recorded.

Gait analysis was carried out by Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics to establish how a reduction in pressure affects the horse’s freedom of movement. Horses wearing the Fairfax Performance Bridle, recorded significantly greater hock flexion, knee flexion and forelimb protraction. Riders could feel this improvement in movement and also a greater harmony with their horse.

A scientific paper on the findings of our bridle research has recently been published.


Sizes: Standard, Large

Colours: Black, Brown

Style: Snaffle and double

Noseband options: Crank cavesson and Drop

Design Details

Unique design based on scientific research

Swarovski decoration on browbands

Hand-stitched and made in Walsall, England

Quality buckles and metalwork

Made using first selection Sedgwick’s bridle leather

Fully lined with Prolite® which is proven to disperse pressure


Appointment Bookings


The best way to get an appointment is by emailing us direct as we are out all day, every day saddle fitting and its not always easy to return calls. When you do make contact, please make sure to tell us your location so we can adjust our travel schedules, and know which of us is best placed to visit you.

Alene Telfer covers The Lothians, Borders, Lanarkshire and Northern England -

Louise Smith-Kibaris covers Stirlingshire, Perthshire, Fife, The North, Glasgow and Ayrshire -

Please note that due to our own family and animal commitments, we regret that we cannot offer evening or weekend saddle fitting appointments unless it is at a BE Event that we are already attending.

For General Enquiries, please contact us or the shop via the details found on the right hand panel of this page.





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Fairfax Bridle Testimonials:

The bridle fitted great with the length of cheek pieces that were on it. We only managed 1 arena ride and the horse's straightness was better. The 2nd ride was hacking in the forestry, there was no head tilting and much lighter in his contact, much less resistance all round. We expect this to improve the more we ride in the bridle.