Patriot Monoflap Dressage

The Patriot Monoflap Dressage

This saddle was designed by Alene Telfer and Louise Smith-Kibaris in conjunction with Ideal saddle makers and is exclusive to Stirlingshire Saddle Fitters.

We felt we needed a more professional dressage saddle in our stock that gives the rider much more “feel”.    The buffalo leather is extremely flexible and moulds into position within a couple of days.

It has a deep seat for rider security and encourages a very long leg position.   The girth straps are part web and part leather.   The web is very strong but slim and lies under the flap ensuring there are no bulky leather straps under the riders’ leg.   The leather part starts at the bottom of the flap for a more traditional look and fastening.


Available in all width fittings and made to template.

Buffalo leather.

Black or brown.

* exclusive to Stirlingshire Saddle Fitters

Saddles Supplied by Ideal Saddles -


Sizes - 17.5” or other sizes made to order.

Current price, Buffalo leather - £2200.00