Jessica Dressage

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Current Price, Plain Leather - £1399.00



This famous saddle has a broad seat and wider waist which in turn allows a wider gullet for freedom of movement. This combination makes for a very comfortable, affordable saddle.


Since its launch on the 286 tree the Jessica has been a true winner. Designed to meet continual demands for a comfortable, affordable and functional dressage saddle, it has been met with constant praise. The primary advantage of this tree is to allow a wider gullet which allows freedom of movement and at the same time increases the bearing area in contact with the horse - giving more opportunity for horse and rider to realise their full potential.


Like all of our saddles, it is wool flocked with broad panels for maximum weight bearing.


It has a relatively deep seat for a secure position.


Available in all width fittings and made to template


You can have a choice of Plain leather, Schrumph or Suede.


Black or Brown














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Jessica Dressage Saddle

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