Stirlingshire Saddle Fitters

Sizes – 16", 16½", 17”, 17.5” or 18” – longer saddles can be made on request.


Current Price, Plain Leather - £1399.00




This is another multi-purpose saddle geared a little more towards the jumping side. This is a very popular saddle in the range.


Wool flocked with a substantial weight-bearing surface.


The Grandee can be made with a variety of depths of panel to fit almost any horse. This is especially useful for horses with an under-developed topline.


Substantial knee blocks for rider security.


The square cantle and broad seat allows the rider more freedom of movement. The cantle lets the rider move back without getting caught on the behind during jumping.


Available in all width fittings and made to template.


You can have a choice of Plain leather, Schrumph (stocked), or Suede.


Black, Brown or Fox (reddish brown)













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Grandee Saddle

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